PCIC Compliance with Sec. 93, (Transparency Seal) R.A. No. 10155 (General Appropriations Act, FY 2013)


  1. About PCIC
  2. Annual Reports
  3. Approved Budget and MFO Targets
  4. Projects, Programs and Activities, Beneficiaries, and Status of Implementation

a.  Major Programs and Projects according to the five Key Results Area

b. Program and Project Beneficiaries as identified in Special Provisions in the GOCC Budget

c. Status of Implementation of Major Programs/Projects

5. Annual Procurement Plan

6. System of Ranking Officers and Employees for 2017 Interim PBB

7. Quality Management System Compliance

8. Annual Audited Financial Statements

9. Financial Statements

10. Citizen’s Charter

11. Freedom of Information