PCIC is governed by a Board of Directors composed of:

  1. The Department of Agriculture/Secretary (Chairman)
  2. The PCIC President ( Vice-Chairman)
  3. The Land Bank of the Philippines President
  4. A representative from the private insurance industry
  5. Three representatives from subsistence farmers sectors
    (one each from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao)

The Chairman of the Board is appointed by the President of the Philippines. All three representatives from the subsistence farmer sectors and the representative from the insurance industry are also appointed by the President of the Republic.

The PCIC Management is headed by its President/Chief Executive Officer, duly appointed by the President of the Philippines, who recommends policies to the Board and has over-all supervision and control of all staff and line departments including the regional offices. In accordance with Executive Order No. 212, the PCIC’s Organizational Structure and Staffing Pattern (OSSP) has been modified as follows:

Under the Office of the President are the Offices of the Senior Vice-President , Vice Presidents for Corporate Business Affairs and the Support Services, Planning and Management Information Office (PMIO), Management Audit Service (MAS), and the Office of the General Counsel (OGC).

The Senior Vice-President takes charge of the regional operations and directly under his office are the thirteen (13) Regional Offices, each headed by a Regional Manager.

PCICs operation is decentralized up to the Regional level to bring the program closer to its farmer-clienteles and to enable it to immediately respond to their needs especially in times of calamities. It is essential that claims will have to be settled expeditiously to augment farmers’ funds to enable them to “replant” as soon as conditions are favorable. To make them more effective, these Regional Offices are given some degree of autonomy with the authority to settle claims at their level based on policies and operating guidelines laid down by the Head Office.

The Commission on Audit (COA) is the external auditing unit of PCIC. It is charged with the examination of corporate financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting and auditing standards; validation of accounting records and other auditing procedures necessary; compliance with existing government rules and policies, and submission of annual audit reports together with their findings and recommendations.