PCIC RO7 Staff Engage in Coastal Cleanup

PCIC Region 7 officials and employees conducted a coastal cleanup activity in the municipality of San Remigio on June 12, 2018. The team was headed by Regional Manager Crescencio Deligero Jr. and Vice President for Corporate Business Affairs Group Antonio S. Uy II.

“With this activity, we want people to know that little gestures make a big difference for the environment,” Deligero said. ”Hopefully, we encouraged the residents to keep San Remigio beach clean and be more responsible in disposing of trash.”

The team was able to collect 20 bags of waste.

The cleanup activity is part of PCIC Region 7’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. Minimizing pollution goes a long way in mitigating climate change, which has brought about stronger typhoons and prolonged droughts.

Agriculture has borne the brunt of these weather phenomena, with crops ravaged and farmers losing their investment. PCIC’s crop insurance products have been helping farmers and fisherfolk recoup their investment and have the necessary capital for the next cropping season.