PCIC Region 6 joins Leon’s Arbor Day 2019

Ninety-four employees of PCIC Region 6 joined the commemoration of Arbor Day on June 28, 2019, a day of tree planting in the municipality of Leon, Iloilo.

With the theme ”Plant a tree, Give mother earth back her power,” the local government of Leon, other government offices, schools and civil society groups planted trees to prevent soil erosion and prevent floods.

PCIC employees participated vigorously during the event. Clad in purple shirts, they formed a human chain to move the seedlings faster.

“The PCIC is happy that we can contribute to protecting the environment of Leon,” Regional Office 6 Manager Eva Ulie Laud said.

Their efforts were, in turn, acknowledged by Leon Mayor Rolito Cajilig.

“We have a lot of participants from the PCIC. I’m really grateful that you took the time to join us,” Mayor Cajilig said.

Leon has been commemorating Arbor Day since the enactment of municipal ordinance no. 2014-008, which declared every fourth Friday of June as Arbor Day in the municipality.