PCIC RO 2 awards claims indemnity under accident insurance program

PCIC Regional Office 2 released a total of ₱488,000 in insurance benefits to families of seven farmers who were among the casualties of a vehicular accident in Conner, Apayao.

The accident happened when the Elf truck carrying 44 farmers fell into a ravine along the highway in Conner on October 31, 2019.  They were on their way home from the town of Rizal where they received cash aid, seeds subsidy and rice planting provisions from the Department of Agriculture through the local government. The accident left 19 casualties and injured 22.

Families of the farmers received death benefit and burial benefits under the Accident and Dismemberment Security Scheme (ADSS) and the built-in death benefit under the Rice Crop Insurance of the PCIC.

 “Salamat PCIC sa inyong malaking tulong sa amin,” one of the recipients, said.

Two beneficiaries were paid ₱110,000 each for benefits provided under both programs; three of the beneficiaries received ₱52,000 each and one received ₱102,000 under the ADSS; and one beneficiary received ₱10,000 Death Benefit under the built-in benefit of Rice Crop Insurance.