Farmers Satisfied with PCIC Services - Survey

Farmers are satisfied with the services being given by the Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation (PCIC).


This was revealed in the Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted by the Development Academy of the Philippines and commissioned by the PCIC. Out of f 510 respondents, 95.49% said they were satisfied, 3.53 percent have a split opinion and 0.98% were dissatisfied with PCIC’s insurance services for farmers.


“We are pleased that the PCIC has maintained a high level of satisfaction rating since 2015, when we first commissioned DAP to do a Customer Satisfaction Survey,” PCIC President Jovy Bernabe said. “Since then, our ratings have not gone below 95%.”


Moreover, the survey showed that customers are very satisfied with the PCIC’s Staff and Organization, Insurance, Complaints Handling and Records Keeping, Information and Communication, Information and Communication (Website) and Facilities. Information and Communication was given a very satisfactory rating, which was followed by Staff and Organization. The company’s insurance products also obtained a very satisfactory rating.


On the other hand, customers are dissatisfied with the processing of insurance claims. It also cited the need to strengthen information dissemination efforts so that the agency can understand the needs of customers better and address these accordingly.


The survey also mentioned the need for additional manpower on the processing of claims and that the Company should consider moving to larger offices to accommodate clients.


“On the other hand, for the dissatisfied customers, we take such observations as constructive criticism,” Mr. Bernabe said. “With this, we can look for ways on how to process insurance claims faster and if the company can have bigger offices.”     


The quality of service delivery of the PCIC was assessed using the guidelines issued by the Governance Commission for Government owned and controlled corporations (GCG). The GCG prescribed the use of intercept interviews. The survey was administered in 6 selected PCIC regional offices from December 9 to 15, 2018 and January 9 to 11, 2019